jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Welcome to Lens Blur

by Alex Zavala (@alekdome)


Welcome to "Lens Blur"...a place to look at film and television blurred by my own personal views. If you landed on this blog by mistake, stick around. With some luck, what I have to say might actually be interesting to some.

My name is Alex,  and let me begin by saying I AM NOT a movie critic. Movie critics think they know everything, yet this is all they have to say about anything:

Not because they don't like it... but if it is not an artsy, abstract, independent movie, their public reaction will always be:

Which is kind of what happens these days with whoever has a say in Oscar nominations and wins... but we'll leave that subject for a different time.

I will try to give you a more honest opinion, I am not embarrased to say I like Nicolas Cage films or cheesy chick-flicks; and I am certainly not embarrased to say I like commercial cinema. This goes to all the movie critics who are probably thinking:

Something that SO MANY people like isn´t bad just because your "illustrated" minority thinks so.

Of course there's a lot of shit out there (Adam Sandler's "Jack & Jill" I am looking at you) but I just wanted to differentiate myself from those who are too pretentious to admit they too like big explosions and super powers.

Anyway, this was just a quick introduction to what this space is like. I will try to write posts regularly wether I get a lot of views or not, but if you do read them and like them, care to comment and share. You can also send me hate tweets to @alekdome (non-hate ones are welcome too). 

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