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The 10 WORST Superhero Movies

by Alex Zavala

In the past couple of decades Super hero films have become almost a separate genre. Studios are even scraping every last corner of the Marvel and DC universes looking for characters that haven't been shown on the big screen. And well, when that stops working, there can never be too many Spider-Man reboots apparently.

While a lot of comic book flicks are done incredibly well these days, just like in any other genre, there have to be bad ones, and I mean, REALLY bad ones.

We have been provided with an endless list of upcoming Marvel and DC titles up until like 2019 or 2020... so before those come, lets have a look at the 10 WORST super hero movies of all time (that I've seen).

10. X-Men: The Last Stand

Brett Ratner really screwed over two great X-Men movies back in 2006. From Cyclops and Xavier exploding, to a very crappy reference to Sentinels. This awfulness was only fixed with Bryan Singer taking back the director's chair in "Days of Future Past" and crafting a plot complicated enough to correct mistakes, and simple enough to just ignore some others.

9. Spider Man 3

So what is it with third parts anyways?... This movie had so much potential, with Venom finally coming into the mix..... and was massively doomed the minute they cast Topher Grace for the part. But don't worry 'Foreman'... The worst thing in the movie isn't you... it's that emo Peter Parker dance.

8. Captain America

Unlike its sequel and The Avengers, this movie is plain and simple boooringggg.... I think I've fallen asleep every time I have attempted to watch it.

7. Superman

The original, the Richard Donner one. I know a lot of people criticize "Superman Returns", and sure, it's quite bad... but what can anyone expect if it is supposed to be a sequel of the sequel of a movie where Superman flies around the planet to make it spin the other way and turn back time...... WTF.

6. Hulk

Lets not confuse it with "The incredible Hulk" which is awesome....no... I'm talking about the one from 2003 with the giant dogs and the Hulk that looks like he's made of Play Doh.... enough said.

5. The Wolverine

How many Wolverine prequels do we need?... This last one is awful. Sure, I really kind of hate samurai and japanese movies, but really... it's awful! The only good scene is the one leading up to "Days of Future Past"... and even that doesn't make that much sense.

4. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I'll put it this way... once I heard the title for this movie I decided not to even bother watching it. Then I saw it once on TV, and didn't even finish it..... this is coming from the guy who sat through the last 4 seasons of "Two and a Half Men" because he can't start something and not finish it.

3. Power Rangers: The Movie

I guess it's not really a comic book, but they are super heroes, aren't they?.... I got to admit I loved this movie when I was a kid.... but looking back on it... everything about the Power Rangers except for the giant robot SUCKED.

2. Daredevil

I am one of the few that think Ben Affleck might actually make a not too terrible Batman, but if all the haters are based on "Daredevil", then I really have no way to argue with them. 

1. Batman & Robin

From convenient ice skates coming out of shoes, to the Bat-Card, to George Clooney's worst performance ever, to Bane looking like a balloon, to Schwarzennegger's freezing tear, to diamonds somehow becoming ice, to Batgirl being Alfred's niece, to the goofy scientists in the final scene to the absolutely CRAPTASTIC special effects........ this is the mother of all disgraces.

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