domingo, 5 de julio de 2015

"A.S.S." Season 1

by Alex Zavala

Remember when I said I had been working really hard on something?

Almost two years ago, when I was at a department store looking at the toys, I saw a few cool ones from Playmobil, and a great idea popped into my head. I guess it's important to mention that I like making home movies with toys. Anyway, maybe it was just an excuse to make it ok for a 25 year old to buy toys, but I decided I would make a secret agent series to post online.

A couple of months after brainstorming with myself, I began writing the scripts for Season 1, which consists of 13 episodes. It took me about a month to write it all, and ever since I have been slowly putting it together. I just want to make a point of how much work went into this: writing, building, filming, editing, voice recording, sound editing....

Well, I am finally done with the first season, and I am very happy and proud about the end result. It is called "A.S.S.- Anti Scumbag Service"
Here's the link:

I hope you can watch it, enjoy it, and share it with as many people as you can.

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